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Considering a Boston Breast Augmentation?

Welcome to Elite Breast Implants Boston. Are you considering a Boston-based breast Augmentation? Have you decided that you want more shapely and fuller breasts? Well you aren’t alone. More and more women are deciding on breast surgery each year. You’ve come to the right place for connecting with some of the best plastic surgeons in Boston.

Did you know that breast augmentation is the most widely performed cosmetic surgery procedure in the world? In the United States* cosmetic surgeons carried out over 290,000 bosom enhancements. In the greater New England and Mid-Atlantic region there were approximately 43,000 breast augmentations realized.

Which means that you’re in very good company if you’re considering making the choice to obtain large breasts. Each year the percentage of women who decide on Augmentation Mammaplasty, increases by approximately one percent. In the state of Massachusetts, more women choose plastic surgeons in Boston to perform those procedures than anywhere else.

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You won’t believe the amount of money spent on breast augmentations each year or the number of procedures performed! And what percentage of women are getting them performed? The numbers are staggering!
xxxxxxxx     Quick Stats
Arrow up demonstrating growth in Boston Breast Augmentations performedLatest #’s released (as of 4/2015) by American Society of Plastic Surgery*.
Latest Augmentations 290,224 in U.S. = $1,067,443,872 spent
Augmentations 42,384 in N. E. & Mid-Atlantic = $160,116,580 spent
This region performs 15% of all breast augmentation surgeries in U.S.

U.S. Total Augmentations by Age | Stats
Age 13-19  Total  8,234    —> 3% of national average = 0% change
Age 20-29  Total  83,638  —> 29% of national average = +1% increase
Age 30-39  Total 105,877 —> 36% of national average = +1% increase
Age 40-54  Total  85,516  —> 29% of national average = +2% increase
Age 55 +    Total   6,934    —> 2% of national average = -7% decrease

Is Augmentation Mammoplasty for you?

Augmentation Mammoplasty in BostonMany women consider undergoing cosmetic breast surgery in order to regain more aesthetically pleasing or fuller breasts and/or to boost their confidence and self image. They may be dissatisfied with the size of their bust and simply need to increase volume. Breast augmentation can also provide reconstructive relief due to an injury or Mastectomy.

When considering this type of enhancement surgery, it’s important to have clarity in terms of why you are interested in having the procedure. Because of the seriousness of the operation, it should have nothing to do with gaining acceptance from another person. This is something one does solely for themselves.

There’s no doubt that Boston plastic surgery can be one of the most rewarding decisions of a person’s life. But it is vital for anyone considering, what is frequently and fondly called, a “Boob Job”, to ensure they are performing significant due diligence about every aspect of breast augmentation.

I was much more prepared for my consult after downloading the list of questions. Some of them surprised me. I found it made a world of difference for me.Actual Client

Breast Implant Placement

breast augmentation Boston placement imageThere are typically three options for breast implant placement. Depending on your anatomy, your preferences (pre/post consultation) and your Boston plastic surgeon’s recommendations. Placement can be made behind the two layers of muscle on the chest.

They are called the pectoralis major and minor. Or the implants can be placed in front of the muscle. As a third option, the implants can be placed partially behind the muscle. Discuss these options thoroughly with your plastic surgeon. There are considerations to be made for each. Consult with your surgeon regarding Breast Augmentation Boston.

Breast Incisions

The cosmetic or plastic surgeon draws guidelines and markings necessary for the surgery. Anesthesia is applied to ensure you are comfortable during the surgery. This is either general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. During your consultation, you and your surgeon discuss what incision type will be the most beneficial for you. Factors influencing your decision include how large you want you breasts to be, the implant type and what’s best for your body.
Types of incisions for the breast related surgery

Transaxillary Incision: Can be anywhere between 1-2 inches in length and can be the incision of choice especially when the breast implant will be placed under the chest muscle. This incision type allows a relatively easy implant placement and small incision.

Inframammary Incision: Is made under the breast. Your surgeon creates a pocket under or above the muscle based on your prior discussion. This incision will be larger or smaller depending on the selected implant type (saline or silicone).

Periareolar Incision: This incision type is created at the areola of the breast. The decision to use this incision type will be influenced by the need or desire for multiple procedures such as the inclusion of a breast lift.

Transumbilical Incision: This incision type is made in the belly button. Micro-imaging technology is used to view the procedure on a screen. A path is created to the breast and a pocket is created at the implant site. Saline implants are used in conjunction with this incision-type.

The cosmetic and plastic MD’s at Elite Breast Implants Boston are among the best in the country. 

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Types of Implants

When deciding what type of breast implants to choose for your Boston-based Breast Augmentation, be objective and open about what type suits your body’s needs.

ModernSilicone Breast Implants: Modern silicone implants are gel-based. The most popular silicone breast implant sold is called the “Gummy Bear Implant“. Silicone implants generally feel the most natural and so they are widely favored by many women.

Because silicone is a hazardous material however, the FDA recommends candidates be at least 22 years old. You will want to discuss implant safety with your candidate cosmetic surgeon.

Saline-filled Breast Implants: Saline implants are filled with sterile saline solution or salt water. These come in textured or smooth silicone shells. They are available in round or tear dropped shapes and are available in low and high profiles.

This type of implant is usually inserted into the smooth gel mentor implants for breat augmentation bostonbreast pocket empty and later filled to the desired proportion with its respective solution. It allows for greater incision option and is considered the safer option generally speaking. The FDA recommends a minimum age of 18 for this type of implant.

Unless it’s a consideration due to a necessary reconstructive procedure.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants: This type of implant requires a longer incision than other implants. It is more shaped than round with a thicker and firmer consistency. It maintains its shape better than any other type of implant and is considered the least likely to rupture. By all accounts it has become the most popular.

smooth gel mentor implants for breat augmentation bostonRound Breast Implants: Can make breasts seem more full. Are considered to have less chance of sliding internally and allow for greater projection when higher profile implants are chosen.

Textured Breast Implants: Interestingly, textured implants are designed so that as the breasts heal, they develop scar tissue around the implants helping to keep them in place. This also serves to lessen the risk of scar capsule development.

Smooth Breast Implants:
Are very natural in terms of their softness. They can move within the pocket however.

Keller Funnel

This placement technique can be used for silicone implants. Commonly referred to as the touch-less implant placement technique, it allows for a reduced risk of infection, smaller incisions and greater precision.

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Boston

How Long Does It Take?
Augmentation surgery can take anywhere from 1 – 3 hours as it is dependent on factors such as the implants chosen, the incision type and the anesthesia process for example. You should plan on up to 3 hours.

Between $3,000. and $10,000. Costs vary significantly depending on the location (for example, Beverly Hills California is the most expensive location for plastic or cosmetic surgery), the facilities used and the relative demand for the particular surgeon or their specialty. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported the latest average cost at $3,678.

But keep in mind that this was an average derived from the national total of $1,067,443,872. spent on all breast augmentations performed in the United States (290,244 augmentation procedures). The total spend in the New England and Mid-Atlantic region for breast augmentation surgery was $160,116,580. This region includes Boston breast augmentation.

Some cost components to consider include:
1) The actual cosmetic or plastic surgeon’s fee
2) Facilities costs
3) Costs for the Anesthesia and Anesthesiologist
4) Tests and Radiology (x-rays)
5) Post surgery medications, support accessories etc.

You can obtain a quote for services from your candidate plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

Boston Breast Surgery Financing

The Breast Augmentation Boston Operation

Once the Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeon has made the incision and created the breast pocket, they will insert the selected implants one at a time either under the image showing placement of the breast implants during a breast augmentation in Boston Massachusettsmuscle, which is called a sub-muscular insertion. Or over the muscle (pectoral muscle). Again, everything is dependent on the other.

The exact procedures depend on what type of implants were selected, which influences the incision selected etc. What’s ultimately most importance is that prior to your surgery, you have played a major role in determining your selected options and the resultant exact procedure you undergo with your board-certified surgeon.

After the Augmentation procedure the incisions made to the breast tissue are sealed with sutures. Boston Plastic or Cosmetic surgeons performing the operation will often use skin adhesive, surgical tape or sutures to seal the incisions to the skin. Expert-level Breast Augmentation Boston.

Boston Breast Implants Before and After Image
What do they look like after my Boob Job?

To see amazing real post-surgery breast enlargement results visit our physician page. Elite Breast Implants Boston surgeon page features authorized images of procedures  performed by our highly qualified, board-certified Plastic and Cosmetic MD’s.This is Breast Augmentation Boston at its best.

Recovery period and Instructions?

Your Boston physician provides specific instructions after your breast augmentation. His or her requirements are based on their professional experience,health symbol representing recovery period after breast enlargement surgery your individual body type, their observations and your selected procedure. Generally speaking however, expect the recovery period to include some of the following:

1.) Post surgical monitoring in the surgeon’s recovery area which lasts up to a few hours based on the surgeon’s professional decision.
2.) Positioning and placement of a specialized support bra designed to support the breasts and manage any swelling. This support bra is required for up to two weeks post-surgery. Your surgeon will provide guidance.
3) Medication for pain, healing and to minimize any potential for infection. This includes any ointments for incision care.
4) Instructions and guidance regarding the management of incision sites.
5) Maintain a heightened level of awareness for a number of weeks following surgery. You will experience soreness and swelling. Actions and routines should be based on minimizing and preventing any post-surgery complications.
6) Follow your physicians guidance regarding exercise and any heightened level of activity.

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As with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved. Some include:
Breast Surgery Related
Scar tissue around implants which makes the implant feel hard
Sensation lost in breasts/nipples
Bleeding becoming excessive
Breast rippling due to an improperly filled implant
Symmastia (touching of implants)
Risk of infection
Implant rupture

Anesthesia Related
While anesthesia related risks are considered rare, the practice does have its risks.
Allergic reaction
Raised blood pressure and breathing

This is not an all-inclusive list. Your candidate surgeon can and should discuss all inherent risks related to your procedure with your during your consultation.


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