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Why Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast Reduction Surgery Boston is serious surgery
Elite Breast Implants Boston finds that clients do not only visit our featured Boston plastic surgery specialists because of their expertise addressing aesthetic concerns with large breasts. Breasts that are comparatively larger than normal for a person’s base size can become a burden. The weight of the bust causes pain to develop in the person’s back & neck. Irritation, infection & rashes develop under breast folds.

The bosom becomes consistently uncomfortable, or even unbearable to live with because of their negative impact on one’s ability to participate in activities such as exercise, sports or sex. Sleeping can also become negatively impacted. When the discomfort becomes too much to bear, it is not unusual for women to decide on breast reduction surgery in Boston.

Boston Breast reduction surgery reduces, balances, and reshapes the breasts by removing breast reduction surgery boston before picturesurplus tissue. The overall goal of the procedure is not only to provide immediate resolution to what is usually a long list of discomfort-related symptoms.

But to resize and uplift the bosom in order to also provide a more natural, more appealing and youthful appearance. In this way Reduction Mammoplasty is extremely successful in delivering higher quality of life benefits to recipients.

Quick Breast Reduction Surgery Statistics

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the U.S. realized gray arrow pointing downapproximately 41,164 aesthetic breast reduction surgeries in the most recent year reported. Mid-Atlantic and New England region realized 6,513 of those aesthetic reduction mammoplasty surgeries, or 16% of that total.

Interestingly this represents a decrease of 2% over the previous year for the total number of bust reductions performed in the entire United States.

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How much does Breast Reduction Surgery Boston cost?

moneyBreast reduction surgery maintains the same cost range as breast augmentations and breast lifts with total costs between $3,000. and $10,000. Price influencers include facilities costs and surgeon demand. The latest reports put the national rate for aesthetic breast reduction surgery at approximately $5,165.

How much do Americans spend each year on average for breast reduction surgery?!

This average is derived from the national figure of $212,599,711. spent on all aesthetic breast reduction surgeries performed in the United States (41,164 breast reduction procedures). The total spend in the N.E. and Mid-Atlantic region for breast reduction surgery was $34,015,953. based on 6,513 procedures. This region includes Boston, Massachusetts.

You will want to factor in the following into any costs analysis:
1) The surgical MD’s fee
2) Costs for the facilities used such as hospital or other surgical facility
3) Costs for the type of anesthesia used and the anesthesiologist
4) Related tests and x-rays
5) Prescribed medications, accessories or garments as required by your surgeon.
You should be able to obtain a quote for services from your candidate plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

Boston Breast Surgery Financing

4 types of bosom reduction procedures that plastic surgeons in Boston can help clients realize:

vertical and anchor incisions breast reduction surgery Boston imagesVertical Incision Is created around the areola and extends downward from the nipple (as shown in the photo on the left).

Anchor incision – Also known as inverted T (as shown in the photo on the left) is created around the areola, extends downward from the nipple and across the bottom portion of the breast. In this technique the areola and nipple are not removed but are repositioned at a higher point once tissue removal has been completed.

Free Nipple Graft – This technique removes both the nipple and areola. Both are later repositioned in a higher location after the Boston plastic surgery specialist has removed the desired amount of tissue.

Liposuction – Can either be used independently of, or in tandem with, another procedure. Liposuction, also known as, lipoplasty removes excess fat from the breasts.

Breast Reduction Surgery Boston – Procedure

When performing your plastic surgery in Boston, the specialist will first draw the incision guidelines on the breasts.drawing guidelines on breast for reduction surgery in Boston Your anesthesiologist administers local anesthesia, general Anesthesia or IV sedation. The entire bosom reduction procedure may take between 2 – 4 hours.

The plastic or cosmetic surgeon will create the incisions according to the previously drawn guidelines. Afterwards, excess skin, tissue and fat is methodically removed.

Depending on the chosen procedure, the nipple and areola may remain intact and are later positioned in the breast reduction surgery Boston illustrationdesired location within the breast. Once that process has been realized, the skin of the breast is bound once again, using dissoluble sutures, to form the new shape of the breasts.

More so, It is likely that draining tubes will be placed at each breast allowing for fluids to safely leave the body during the healing process.

Recovery Period and Instructions

After your breast reduction surgery Boston, medical tape and bandages are placed on both breasts along the incisions for added protection during the healing process. In addition, A special support bra will more than likely be provided to ensure the breasts maintain their new shape and to provide added protection.

Your Boston plastic surgery specialist will prescribe medication for pain since discomfort is not unusual.

Swelling ahealth symbol representing recovery period after breast enlargement surgerylong with some pain are normal after the procedure and may last for a few days. Dissoluble sutures will dissolve on their own in time. The breast reduction surgery Boston cosmetic surgeon removes the sutures during a follow-up visit.

The cosmetic surgeon removes the sutures within two weeks. It is not unusual for your MD to recommend up to a month of guidelines and restrictions to ensure your safety and optimal successful results. Any scarring will subside to a lesser degree. Exact remaining scar will vary. Your surgeon discusses realistic expectations with you during your plastic surgeons in Boston image

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with a Boston plastic surgery specialist to talk about your breast reduction surgery options. While breast reduction surgery can yield amazing positive results, Reduction Mammoplasty can also cause some scarring and includes some risks, therefore discuss the operation with your candidate MD at length.

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